Suzheila 'Sheila' Reyes-Bunnag
Independent Photographer - Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and open for on-location assignments
Saquisili Market

Portraiture, Lifestyles, Events, Editorial, Photojournalism, Food, Fashion & Architecture, Showcases Photo Art Exhibits and Personal Projects

Email: // Mobile: 240-351-8557

I have a vast interest in capturing images about YOU. I am fascinated about people, their characters and behavior in their own environment. I also love making images and creating montages especially abstract images that forms mysterious perspectives and visual surprises. I'm always interested to hear my audience pause and say, 'What is that?".  There is nothing more meaningful than experiencing such moment and what an absolute joy it is to hear their thoughts and own interpretations on what they think of the image.

My husband and I love to travel so every time I am somewhere interesting, I would always imagine looking at it through a lens and wished I have my camera to capture the moment. And through his encouragement, I have taken a major step into photography and received a Certification for Professional Digital Photography at Center for Digital Imaging Arts - Boston University at Georgetown- DC Campus. I am an independent photographer covering various events, portraiture, editorial and currently working my own personal projects. Besides doing freelance, I’ve also been working with other professional local photographers for commercial shootings and weddings.

I hope you will enjoy my images. It is with deepest gratitude that you would have keen interest towards my work. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD A COMMENT OR TWO... If you are interested in taking some of these home with you, please contact me at Thank you for your visit.